The second edition of THE SHOW expands to include 60 exhibitors, becomes much more international and enlarges the watch segment. Organizer Christian Jürgens explains the concept.

Hamburg this year for THE SHOW?

Sixty top brands. Fabulous location. Fashion shows. Watch talks. Star-studded cuisine. Champagne bar. A spectacular Art Walk with contemporary artworks. Cool atmosphere. Views of the Elbe. Boat rides. Networking. Doing business. Being curious. And if all this isn’t enough, I can only say: Hamburg is always worth a visit!

What has changed since the first edition?

Plenty. I would like to highlight four points in particular. Firstly, thanks to the success of the first edition, we have grown bigger, expanding from the previous 23 exhibitors to this year’s total of 60. Secondly, the field of participants is far more international and of even higher quality. The top German brands will be here, but half of the exhibitors come from abroad: all in all, three continents are represented. And thirdly, we have significantly enlarged the watch segment. We are very pleased to present exceptionally elite brands, including many high-quality and very interesting Swiss and German labels. And fourthly, we also want to significantly expand the spectrum of services for our visitors. For example, we will shuttle visitors to the location by boat. As far as I know, something like this has never been done before. We are also expanding our program for retail customers. Many jewelers have realized that they needn’t restrict themselves solely to B2B business, but can also experience a terrific weekend in the Hanseatic city together with their best customers. This not only strengthens customer loyalty, but also generates sales for the jewelers. Now we hope that as many dealers as possible – not only from the German-speaking countries, but also from elsewhere in Europe – will give us the chance to present ourselves and put our best foot forward.

Does THE SHOW want to compete with the traditional large trade fairs?

No, not at all! We want to do something new. We’re an event format, not a trade fair. That’s why we’re called THE SHOW. It’s no secret that problems beset the big trade fairs, and not only the big fairs in our industry. I believe that new concepts are needed. Surely we can still grow a bit larger, but I would never want to host an event in multiple exhibition halls. Instead, I want to stage new and different events at cool locations that simply feel different than the halls at a typical trade show. And THE SHOW will never have more than 100 exhibitors. We want to stay small, exclusive and surprising. The third edition will surely be very different from its predecessors.

THE SHOW organizer Christian Jürgens at Schuppen 52 in the Port of Hamburg