From October 1 to 3, 2022, the third edition of THE SHOW will take place at Schuppen 52 in Hamburg. Organizer Christian Jürgens and his team are planning major innovations.

THE SHOW is going into its third round in 2022. Apparently, the event format has established itself well in the industry despite the Corona pandemic?

Christian Jürgens: So far, every edition of THE SHOW has been a success. From 2020 to 2021, the number of exhibitors tripled from 20 to 60. There has also been a pleasing increase in visitors and a high level of quality. The standard was consistently top-notch, with high-profile jewelers and high-consumption end customers allowed to attend – and this despite adverse Corona circumstances and conditions. But of course there is always room for improvement. We are self-critical and remain innovative. There are lessons to be learned, whether in the details of the staging or the organizational aspects.

Where do the innovations for THE SHOW 2022 start?

We have a lot planned for 2022! The exhibitors’ evaluation was very positive in 2021 with a rating of 5.5 out of 6, yet we will do some things differently and better. The focus is on perfect staging with a new stand construction with fully backlit walls and a new hall concept. Perfect illumination also plays an important role. There are many little things with attention to detail that will increase the charm and charisma of THE SHOW, of course while maintaining the “raw” character. We remain authentic and continue to stage luxury in a deliberately different way.

What about the timing of THE SHOW? The event days have changed, after all?

That’s right. In order to be able to savor the long weekend with the holiday on October 3, THE SHOW will already start on Saturday, October 1, 2022, and close on Monday. The long weekend, but also, for example, an optimized shuttle service, open up maximum flexibility for visitors.

THE SHOW not only presents exclusive jewels, stones and watches, but also sees itself as an event for the senses. What can visitors look forward to?

We will make the event even more lively and offer even more space for fascination and communication. Proven formats such as the Watch Talks with watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner are set, but will take place in a more personal setting. There will also be live acts with Living Dolls, model walks, various bar areas for eating, drinking and chatting, and a top-class Art Park.

Are evening events planned again?

Following the request of many exhibitors and visitors, there will be a kind of “house party” on the opening day with food stations, live acts, fashion show, band and DJs, where the booths will also be open until 9:30 pm. It will be the perfect opportunity for networking. There will also be the opportunity to book an exclusive event limited to 200 guests above the rooftops of Hamburg on Sunday. The “Dinner in the Sky” with 360-degree views over the Alster and Elbe is a deliberately chosen contrast to the rougher harbor charm of Schuppen 52. Both are fascinating sides of the Elbe metropolis.

In one sentence: Your personal motto for THE SHOW 2022?

When I started, someone once said to me: You always have to watch an event three times to see if it’s going to be something. In this sense: the first one was a very nice trial balloon, the second one a great further development and the third one should now simply be perfect …

THE SHOW organizer Christian Jürgens at Schuppen 52 in the Port of Hamburg

That's new

What THE SHOW 2022 offers

  • New, innovative hall layout
  • High-quality stand construction with full-area backlighting
  • Improved lighting concept 
  • Improved shuttle service
  • Various bar areas and coffee zones
  • Watch Talks with fireside atmosphere
  • Live fashion shows with Living Dolls

Special Events

  • Included: Opening Party at Schuppen 52
  • Additionally bookable: Limited gala event “Dinner in the Sky”.