Neue Dimension der Goldschmiedekunst

Die Schmucklinie „Billion Dreams“ von Capolavoro ist ein wahres Meisterwerk

Childlike lightheartedness, surreal worlds, dreams and longings are the most important components of Capolavoro’s precious “Billion Dreams” jewelry line. At first glance, one discovers an enchanting reinterpretation of the snow globe. At second and every subsequent glance, one finds a new dimension in the goldsmith’s art, an outstanding tribute to craftsmanship and a sensual invitation to play with effects – in short, a true masterpiece, which is also the English translation of the Italian word capolavoro. Visitors at THE SHOW can immerse themselves in this microcosm, e.g. in the “Pure Joy” Dream Globe in 750 gold with diamonds, some in Canary Yellow and others in Ocean Blue.

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Stand: L17


Tel: 08143/99250-0
Fax: 08143/99250-99

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Weltpremiere bei THE SHOW

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