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Annamaria Cammilli delights with exclusive gold alloys and velvety finishes

Florentine artist Annamaria Cammilli has been bringing her talent as a sculptor to wax modeling ever since the founding her goldsmith’s studio. In the course of forty years of specialization, her company has perfected “Aetherna,” an exclusive and velvety gold finish that alternates with shiny surfaces to emphasize the depth of the forms. Gold alloys in eight different colors assure that even the most discriminating women can find the nuance of color that goes best with their skin tone.

This ring from Annamaria Cammilli’s “Velaa Pavé” series is a perfect example. It is made of 750 gold alloy in the color Orange Apricot. A row of diamonds perfectly blends into the curved design, where the gems sparkle among the tidy shapes and accentuated contours that typify the “Velaa” collection. The alternation of matt and glossy surfaces emphasizes the depth of the forms.

The solitaire, the most coveted and most precious jewelry classic, is interpreted in orange 750 gold and in a most unconventional style by “Velaa Royale” ring. The ring is characterized by seductive volume and essential shapes, which are further emphasized by the alternation between glossy and velvety gold surfaces. Unusual shapes conjure the magic of this unique piece of jewelry, which is destined to immortalize a special moment.

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Annamaria Cammilli

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