Annamaria Cammilli

“A real treat”

Annamaria Cammilli is exhibiting at THE SHOW for the first time — Riccardo Renai explains what visitors can expect

This is your first time at THE SHOW. What selection of jewelry have you brought with you?

We decided to bring couture models as well, i.e., pieces that would be seen on the catwalks of fashion houses. We think it’s important to showcase jewelry that embodies our style, also because the jewelers have brought some of their best customers. We also have a real treat: a brand-new display system that we developed for exclusive use at dealer events. It’s called “The Magic Garden,” and visitors to THE SHOW will be able to see how well it highlights the different gold colors of our jewelry.

What are your expectations for this event?

We expect many visits from our retailers – not only to show them the new pieces that our staff may have already presented to them recently in their stores or to take new orders, but also to meet them in person and show them the creative path that our company is pursuing.

Is it true that you are creating a special academy for your retailers’ staff?

Yes, the Annamaria Cammilli Academy will be inaugurated in Florence next year. It is also intended for salespeople who are familiar with traditional jewelry, but somewhat less well acquainted with the merits of very imaginative jewelry like ours.

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Annamaria Cammilli

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