Diamond Group

Affordable Jewelry

The Diamond Group offers a wide range of jewelry in all popular segments

“Long live diversity!” is the motto of the Diamond Group from Kobern-Gondorf. Whether it’s classic diamond jewelry or modern designs featuring colored gems, the jeweler’s in-house brand leaves nothing to be desired and covers every price range. The success of this supplier of genuine jewelry is based on the following aspects: the right to exchange unsold items for new ones; generous advance financing; a wide range of products in all popular segments; and online connection to partner jewelers, which enables them to present a quickly available abundance of merchandise under their own name.


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Diamond Group

Booth: L19


Tel: +49 2607 973780
Fax: +49 2607 9737840

Weitere News

On the summit

The new pieces in Schmuckwerk’s Alpine collection include rings set with diamonds and precious jewelry for the neck and wrist .