Emil Kraus

Tradition and precision

Emil Kraus manufactures chains and bracelets in the premium segment

This family business from Mönsheim has been making handcrafted jewelry since 1866. One specialty is chains and bracelets in the premium segment, which are forged in the finest artisanal tradition in tandem with the latest precision technology. Excellent wearing comfort and a pleasant feel characterize these pieces. The manufactory has also developed a process for the sustainable and acid-free production of semi-massive, jointless chains, which are available in various sizes and freely selectable lengths. Motifs featuring brilliant-cut diamonds are likewise available in various sizes and colors. Visitors at THE SHOW can talk with the manufactory’s representatives and learn how this maker transforms its customers’ individual concepts into tangible reality. 


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Emil Kraus

Booth: M20


Tel.: +49 7044 91624-0
Fax: +49 7044 91624-16

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