Roberto Demeglio

“New Momentum”

Luca Stefanini of Roberto Demeglio talks about the brand’s changes and its plans for the future

What convinced you to join THE SHOW?

Doris Hundemer, our German representative, was the first person who had the idea of exhibiting in Hamburg. We made the decision at the last minute because we were going through some operational changes, but we’re glad we followed her advice. Maybe next year, when we have more time to prepare, we’ll return with a stand that’s more in line with our brand’s image.

What kind of corporate change are you talking about?

I and two other partners took control of Roberto Demeglio SpA two years ago. We completed the takeover process a few months ago and now we own 100% of the company. The new owners intend to make financial investments and to develop new projects so we can manufacture jewelry with an increasingly technological and innovative character.

Do you plan to implement technology in order to make jewelry progressively more wearable and attractive, in keeping with the brand’s DNA?

Yes, exactly. We are best known for the Roberto Demeglio line, which includes elastic and stretchable jewelry made of ceramic and precious stones. We’ll undoubtedly continue to develop that collection. But above all, we plan to give new impetus to our “Extensible” line: we’ve dedicated five years of research to this line and it has enabled us to be the first brand to enter the market with collections of tennis bracelets and stretchable memoire rings.

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Roberto Demeglio

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