“Amazing Results”

Serafino Consoli has conquered the German market in record time – also thanks to THE SHOW

What did you achieve through your participation in THE SHOW last year?

Despite the great difficulties caused by the pandemic last year, we decided to focus on THE SHOW to further strengthen the loyalty of our German customers – and we have fully achieved our goal. We are particularly proud to have quickly grown roots in a mature market like Germany, where the jewelers are very professional and competent.

Which collections are you focusing on this year?

We are focusing on all our models, including the very latest ones in our best-selling collections, for example, rings that can be quickly and easily transformed into bracelets and bear the “Serafino Collection” signature, as well as versions of the multi-piece ring in the “Brevetto Collection.” The latter is the only patented ring that can be adjusted to fit fingers of any size.

With what expectations did you come to the current event?

We expected the best, but we should bear in mind that we already have an extensive distribution network in Germany. We owe this not only to the fact that we have invented very successful jewelry, but also to the good work of our local sales managers, Santiago and Marcel Agustina Beltrán. They also deserve much of the credit for enabling us to achieve such amazingly good results.

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