Protection concept

Exclusive Protection Concept

THE SHOW provides additional protection against infection with a sophisticated air purification concept. The claim of organizer Christian Jürgens: “the world’s first virus-free event.”

Anyone who comes to Schuppen 52 from October 3 to 5 will likely discover them sooner or later: 35 mobile air purifiers, visually matched to suit the surroundings. These high-performance devices from the Benchalist company continually rid the air of miniscule suspended particles, including coronaviruses.

The air purifiers have very large, HEPA-certified filters. A hygiene laboratory awards the HEPA certificate to devices that have proven their effectiveness. The air purifiers have a total value of almost 100,000 euros. A decade’s worth of know-how was integrated into their development: Benchalist has ample experience in cleanroom technology and has been a partner of renowned watch brands for many years.

THE SHOW is thus an exclusive event with an equally exclusive protection concept that was developed as a result of intensive work on the subject of air purification – a beneficial measure that, according to Christian Jürgens, has been “criminally neglected in the coronavirus crisis.” With his claim of the world’s first virus-free event, Jürgens is taking a proactive approach. And he’s consciously going beyond the minimum requirements of the applicable hygiene regulations “for the safety of our exhibitors and visitors.”

THE SHOW is the first event to use the neglected option of air purification to provide additional protection for exhibitors and visitors. And with the Benchalist company, THE SHOW has an experienced cooperating partner at its side.