Clean Air 2.0

THE SHOW takes its own initiative for health protection: Once again, mobile professional air cleaners from Benchalist ensure clean breathing air during the event.

With the claim to be the first virus-free event, THE SHOW already took a proactive approach last year. In view of some question marks about the Corona situation in October, the organizing team is now once again relying on professional air purification: “A demonstrably effective, but regrettably still too little noticed technology for minimizing the germ load in the room air,” says organizer Christian Jürgens. As usual, the cooperation partner is the company Benchalist. Its air cleaners with filter technology have been certified by a hygiene laboratory and are based on many years of experience in cleanroom technology: master carpenter Andreas Görg and his team serve a growing clientele of internationally renowned watch and jewelry brands.

“This year’s concept takes into account the new room layout and offers even more effective protection against infection,” explains Andreas Görg. Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Benchalist has already manufactured more than 1000 air purifiers. Especially for THE SHOW, they are building devices matching the interior with a total value of around 150,000 euros, which can then be purchased at special conditions. “We are pleased about the cooperation,” says organizer Christian Jürgens, “because an exclusive event needs an equally exclusive hygiene concept.”

Bildkonzept Martin Glauner

“The concept is adapted to the changed arrangement of the stands and offers even more effective protection against infection.”

Andreas Görg
Specialist for cleanroom technology