The TALENTS 2021 Have Been Chosen

Experience these five international young designers and their creations at THE SHOW

A total of 25 young designers and goldsmiths from seven countries applied to be part of THE SHOW 2021. Five of these young artists have now been selected. “THE SHOW Talents presented by Wellendorff” will feature these outstanding newcomers in a separate area at the event, where they will present themselves and their creations to an exclusive audience of jewelers and selected retail customers from October 3rd to 5th in Hamburg.

The jury, which is chaired by Christoph Wellendorff, deliberated for two hours yesterday. After considering a large number of excellent applicants and their exciting jewelry ideas, the jurors chose five individuals whose work will be presented at THE SHOW. The choice was not at all easy: “I am really excited about these young artists. As you can see: each piece of jewelry began with a clear and cogent concept,” Christoph Wellendorff explains. Anja Heiden, Managing Director Jewelry at Wempe Jewelers, says that the applicants’ entries were “totally exciting. The participants courageously revealed their innermost selves. There were also very profound derivations of the jewelry, which fascinates me very much. It opened up new horizons.”

Kavita Lorenz from Lorenz Jewelers was similarly enthusiastic: “It was extremely interesting. I learned so much. Many pieces were very provocative and courageous.” Dr. Michael Kiefer, head of the Pforzheim Goldsmith School emphasized, “The participants had the courage to experiment and reveal their feelings. Very impressive!” Jeweler Ralf Nitsch likewise praised the wide range and internationality of the applicants.

The jury selected the following five TALENTS for presentation at THE SHOW:

Leni Adam, Switzerland

A keen sense of justice motivated Leni Adam from Olten to study law. Her passion for jewelry is similarly infused with her commitment to fairness and integrity. Her jewelry is resolutely sustainable: she uses only gemstones from Switzerland and recycled gold, from which she creates jewelry that tells honest stories and embodies impeccable responsibility.

Marie Boltenstern, Austria

Marie Boltenstern is an architect and technologist from Vienna who regards jewelry as architecture in its smallest form. Her designs are created by mathematical algorithm; her pieces take shape via 3D printing. Her vision is to soon make it possible for customers and partners to easily personalize and manufacture jewelry.

Alix Dumas, France

Alix Dumas has seen and done many things. She says that jewelry unites all her passions: love of craftsmanship, pursuit of beauty, and artistic expression. She loves to play with colors and transparencies, and she makes pieces that embody haute joaillerie in the best sense of the phrase.

Julian Pelliccia, France

Julian Pelliccia’s pieces combine his enthusiasm for haute joaillerie, gemstones and design with his passion for Japanese culture, its spirituality and the martial arts that he has practiced for many years. The result is a very unique and extraordinarily exciting language of jewelry.

Jiayi Zhang, China

Jiayi Zhang grew up in central China, but has lived in Vienna for ten years, where she completed her training as a jewelry designer. Rather than using precious stones in her jewelry, she relies on the centuries-old Chinese craft of double-sided embroidery to create unique pieces from steel, silver, gold and silk.



Christoph Wellendorff

Anja Heiden

Ralf Nitsch

Dr. Michael Kiefer

Kavita Lorenz

Christian Jürgens