The THE SHOW Talents presented by Wellendorff are chosen

These five applicants for one of the highly coveted Talents places have made it: Virginia Colonnella, Helke Freia Frederich, Lena Grewenig, Desiree Sielaff and Elina Sternefeld are the names of the lucky ones who put their extraordinary talent to the test from October 1 to 3 in the historic Pfefferspeicher on the Elbe.

In a separate area, THE SHOW Talents presented by Wellendorff will present themselves to an exclusive audience of jewelers and selected end customers in Hamburg.

The six members of the top-class jury chaired by Christoph Wellendorff were not always in agreement, but sometimes very much so. They deliberated and discussed for almost two hours on Tuesday in order to select the five that will be on display at THE SHOW from the multitude of high-quality applications and exciting jewelry ideas.

These five TALENTS were selected by the jury:

Virginia Colonnella

“Exceptional talent with a signature all her own” was the jury’s verdict on the Italian-born coin designer and goldsmith Virginia Colonnella, who has already won several awards for young talent. She is fascinated by various craft techniques of old manufactories.

Lena Grewenig

“The jury members were keen to see the piece of jewelry submitted by Lena Grewenig, a goldsmith and master student and graduate of the Städelschule in Frankfurt. Pangaea punkt 7” is an object in the form of a globe, which has been crafted to a high standard of craftsmanship and artistry and which, when unfolded, becomes a wearable necklace.

Helke Freia Frederich

The versatile designer Helke Freia Frederich comes from the southern Black Forest. The question of the “deep meaning of jewelry” drives her just as much as the desire to creatively use the playful, cosmopolitan and curious view that children have of things.

Desiree Sielaff

Moonstones in cashmere tones, topaz and peridot, mandarin garnet and pink tourmaline – Berlin-based Desiree Sielaff won over the jury with her timeless jewelry pieces, rich in detail and featuring handpicked gemstone combinations. A swallow is the symbol of the label, which the trained sales manager only launched in 2021.

Elina Sternefeld

The jury attested a “modern look” to the creations of Elina Sternefeld. The designer, who describes herself as an online jeweler, has a high regard for the old craft and is passionate about combining it with innovative technologies such as CAD and 3D printing. During THE SHOW she also presented the creation of 3D models on the computer.


Christoph Wellendorff
Company director Wellendorff

Anja Heiden
Managing Director Jewellery Wempe

Ralf Nitsch
Jeweler Nitsch Mannheim

Dr. Michael Kiefer
Head of Goldsmith School Pforzheim

Kavita Lorenz
Jeweler Lorenz Berlin

Christian Jürgens
SHOW organizer and GZ publisher