What more could one want?

THE SHOW is the perfect meeting place for our industry: top jewelers meet top brands here at this highly exclusive, compact and efficient event. The jewelers’ best customers are welcome to visit and shop on Sunday. What more could one want? See you in Hamburg!

Heike & Markus Schmidt, Schmuckwerk

We take part in THE SHOW to find new customers in Germany. We are primarily looking for mid-range and high-end jewelry stores. We also want to invite some Scandinavian customers and prospects. Our representatives for Germany and Scandinavia will be available throughout the event. After this year’s Inhorgenta was cancelled and the trade show in Basel was likewise scrubbed, we are now eagerly looking forward to THE SHOW.

Thierry Spitaels, Bigli

We are delighted to be part of the second edition of THE SHOW and to be able to present ourselves there as the Dahlinger brand in our 150th anniversary year. We’ll present our current collection and our competencies in the field of customized concepts to customers and other interested individuals. Our focus is on products made from sustainable materials. We are hoping for lively sharing and we look forward to seeing familiar faces and to making new contacts.

Bernd Dahlinger

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