Genuine Treasures

Whether it's a bestseller or a premiere: Here you can see the highlights with which the exhibitors at THE SHOW shine.

Hans D. Krieger

The manufactory from Idar Oberstein specializes in high quality diamond jewelry made in Germany. Now in its fourth generation, this company is one of only a very few in the world to combine every step of jewelry production under one roof – from diamond and gemstone cutters to goldsmiths, gemstone setters and jewelry designers. The outstanding quality of this brand’s jewelry reflects the skillful interplay among these master craftspeople, their special expertise and their many years of experience. One example that will be displayed at THE SHOW in Hamburg is a 750 white gold ring with six naturally colored diamonds and 154 brilliant-cut diamonds.


This producer of diamond jewelry from Barcelona, Spain has prioritized innovation and sustainability for the past 34 years. Now, with Tracemark, the company offers a unique traceability protocol that seamlessly chronicles the entire value chain of a piece of jewelry from the mine to the consumer. Inspired by repeating patterns in nature and architecture, Facet’s “Trends” ring in 750 rose gold proves that sustainability and beauty can be wed to create a perfect liaison. The Barcelona-based company will present a breathtaking statement piece with 117 sparkling diamonds and many more items at THE SHOW.


An innovative and massive design language is the trademark of this German Swiss manufacturer of jewelry and wedding rings. The results are modern classics such as the “Girello” rotatable ring. A masterpiece of kinetics and craftsmanship, this patented, ball-borne rotatable ring is impressive thanks to its symbiosis of perfect technology and emotional design. “Girello” has won the “reddot design award” several times. A pendant optionally accompanies the ring, which is one of Meister’s iconic products. It and many more items will be on display at Meister’s stand in Hamburg.


Niessing is acknowledged as one of the greatest pioneers of modern jewelry design. The minimalistic but distinctive styling and the unique visual fusion of variously colored precious metals, all of which are alloyed in-house, are just two of the outstanding skills of these visionary design specialists. Design ideas such as the Niessing ring or the Niessing cord rank among the innovative developments of this traditional brand from Vreden. In addition to numerous new and exciting jewelry designs, Niessing’s presentations at THE SHOW will also feature the “Lucia” Niessing ring in 950 platinum and a marvelous spectrum of variously colored gold alloys.

Luis & Freya

This young brand from Bering emerged from the idea of giving a new home to Monomer, the expert for jewelry design with opulent 3D art. An already perfect product designed by the Mannheim-based architect Thomas Mrokon accordingly received its finishing touches with a new name inspired by the names of the two children of Bering’s owner Michael Witt Johansen. With its opulent 3D designs, the Luis & Freya brand stands for creative individuality. Each of this label’s pieces affirms strong personality and depth, and is simultaneously distinguished by filigree lightness, as visitors in Hamburg can see for themselves.

Emil Kraus

This family business from Mönsheim has been making handcrafted jewelry since 1866. One specialty is chains and bracelets in the premium segment, which are forged in the finest artisanal tradition in tandem with the latest precision technology. Excellent wearing comfort and a pleasant feel characterize these pieces. The manufactory has also developed a process for the sustainable and acid-free production of semi-massive, jointless chains, which are available in various sizes and freely selectable lengths. Motifs featuring brilliant-cut diamonds are likewise available in various sizes and colors. Visitors at THE SHOW can talk with the manufactory’s representatives and learn how this maker transforms its customers’ individual concepts into tangible reality.

Parmigiani Fleurier

Gold, silver and black are the ingredients for an expressive chronograph aptly named the “Tonda Tondagraph GT Rose Gold Silver Black COSC,” which Parmigiani Fleurier will present at THE SHOW. This exclusive wristwatch embodies everything that makes this manufactory so exceptional: the timepiece’s case has a distinctive yet simple design, the dial is intricately crafted, and the movement concatenates the finest mechanisms – because Parmigiani is a genuine manufacture, where all movements are designed and fabricated in-house. This is unmistakably evident when one peers through the back of the case and admires the fine automatic movement, which fascinates with its elegant decorations and tasteful aesthetics.

Baume & Mercier

The “Riviera” collection from this Swiss watch brand combines everything a legend needs. It originated in the wild 1970s and ischaracterized by edgy, striking details and unmistakable attributes. This is the basis for the fifth generation of the “Riviera,” which is more versatile than ever. The collection ranges from models with mechanical manufacture movements to feminine ladies’ watches that charm their beholders with soft colors and beautiful patterns on the dials. The stainless steel case with integrated bracelet is as edgy as ever. All these features make this quartz wristwatch a sensual classic – on display at THE SHOW.


A watch that is genuinely one of a kind and a design that is 100% in harmony with one’s own ideas: these wishes come true at Blaken’s ateliers in Menden. This company specializes in customizing luxurywatches, which it individualizes in every desired detail from the bracelet, through the case, to the dial. Whether the customer wants the timepiece to be set with precious stones or a new color to be given to the case and/or dial, Blaken bestows a new look on luxury watches. The results are Blaken’s one-of-a-kind watches, each of which is 100% “made in Germany” and delivered with its own warranty.

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