Increasingly Robust

Casio presents highlights from the G-Shock collection at THE SHOW

Casio’s flagship G-Shock brand revolutionized the watch market in 1983 with the debut of an extraordinary innovation: a virtually indestructible wristwatch with a case and bracelet that were built to be nearly immune to shocks and impacts. This model quickly achieved legendary status and the brand continued to evolve over the decades. The latest innovation makes the G-Shock even more robust. The Dual Core Guard structure also minimizes weight thanks to a case made of resin reinforced with carbon fiber. This material is used in the G-Shock MT-G models. These premium watches are also equipped with three dual coil motors, which allow for quick operation of the watch’s hands – for example, when changing from one time zone to another. The motors also automatically set the correct time – whether by radio signal, after connecting to a smartphone via the G-Shock app, or by adjusting to the local time zone.

Casio will also present highlights from the G-Shock collection at THE SHOW. These include the “GMW-B5000D-1ER” with its solid stainless steel case. Among other practical features, this multifunctional solar-powered wristwatch is equipped with energy-saving Bluetooth technology, receives radio time signals, and offers both a world-time function and an automatic calendar.

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