Radiant every day

Scheffel presents uncomplicated companions to wear every day and on special evenings .

Haute Joaillerie

Schreiner Fine Jewellery has brought real works of art to Hamburg.

“The quality makes the difference”

Picchiotti After more than twenty years, Giuseppe Picchiotti is exhibiting in Germany again: at THE SHOW. Mr. Picchiotti, your German is excellent! How did you learn to speak the language so well? Germany was my springboard in the 1960s. I only spoke English iIn the beginning, but by I began speaking German as the years […]

Royal class

Karl Faller offers the “Big Three” in exceptional qualities

Beguiling color gradient

Each of Richard Hans Becker’s creations embodies a lively passion for extraordinary colored stones.

Heritage Design

The spotlight shines on the “Riviera” in this year’s collection from Baume & Mercier