Gismondi 1754

“Details That Make the Difference”

Francesca Ventura, commercial director of Gismondi 1754, talks about the special features and strategy of this traditional jeweler

Why are you participating in THE SHOW?

The members of the Gismondi family have been jewelers since 1754. They had sold their jewelry solely in their own stores until seven years ago, when Massimo Gismondi decided to raise his profile and offer his jewelry abroad – beginning in the United States, where he immediately conquered both the windows of prestigious stores and the hearts of numerous celebrities. THE SHOW gives us a perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves to German retailers.

What surprises are waiting to be discovered by the jewelers?

We have chosen pieces that best embody our DNA, i.e., the genetics of a great jeweler with some special features that make our jewelry absolutely innovative and delightfully unpredictable. Retailers will notice that our gems almost seem to float weightlessly in midair because the settings are so artfully concealed. The designs may seem classic at first glance, but closer scrutiny discoveries surprisingly unexpected details. For example, the gems are not all arranged on the same level, but on staggered planes. Details such as these make an important and sophisticated difference.

What results do you expect?

We want to appeal to dealers not only in Germany, but also throughout Northern Europe, in secure markets with a significant culture of gemstones and jewelry. We want them to discover the uniqueness and distinctiveness of Gismondi 1754, a brand that defies categorization and that has decided to make custom-tailored models and pieces accessible to a wide audience without sacrificing quality and the advantages associated with a traditional jeweler.

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Gismondi 1754

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