Alexander Shorokhoff

Diver’s Watch Debuts at THE SHOW

Alexander Shorokhoff conquers the seas with the “Deep Ding”

Alexander Shorokhoff takes the plunge with the “Deep Ding.” The 45-mm-diameter case of this company’s first diver’s watch remains water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters. As is typical for Alexander Shorokhoff, this model offers numerous refinements, and ample thought has been lavished on even the smallest details.

The specially designed case features a lattice over the dial and a hermetically sealed back adorned with a miniature relief engraving depicting a pair of turtles. Six components combine to form the case: an upper bezel with a sapphire crystal, an inner rotatable bezel, a middle part, and two covers. There is also a grid, which consists of six separate stainless steel rods, each bent at a right angle, as well as twelve fastening screws. The sturdiness of the case’s construction protects the inner mechanisms against external influences.

Two crowns – one for the rotatable inner bezel and another for setting the time – each have a double seal. Several different finishes and platings on the case’s parts increase its resistance to scratches. The robust case keeps the Swiss automatic movement well protected. The brand from southern Germany presents the second model generation of the “Deep Ding” at THE SHOW.

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Alexander Shorokhoff

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