From antiquity to the future

Twentyten presents a unique coin collection featuring snake ornaments at THE SHOW

Affiliated with the past and created for the present, the TwentyTen collection by Sabine Grunwald and Birgit Kempter spans an arc from antiquity to the future. These exceptional handcrafted pieces have an antique flair thanks to the irregular historical shapes of the ancient Greek and Roman coins that are integrated into the jewelry designs.

Among many other items, Twentyten presents at THE SHOW a unique coin collection featuring snake ornaments. The snake was held sacred by the ancient Greeks, who believed serpents to be immortal because they could infinitely renew themselves by regularly shedding their skins. This repeated act of rejuvenation and the fact that snakes were believed to have healing powers, eventually made the serpent a symbol of the medical profession. The symbol of eternal youth, rebirth and healing powers on an ancient Greek coin, set as a ring in 750 gold, is one example of this unconventional jewelry idea.

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