Karl Faller

Royal class

Karl Faller offers the “Big Three” in exceptional qualities

Their beauty has perennially fascinated people. Today too, they’re particularly popular with buyers because they’re not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also very rare and accordingly of lasting value. We are talking about rubies, sapphires and emeralds, which are also known as “the gemstones of kings” because they rank among the most valuable types of gemstone after diamonds, which are even surpassed in value by the most exceptional “kings’ gems.” The Karl Faller company from Kirschweiler is a specialist for the royal class of colorful natural wonders. One example is this ruby in the coveted color “Pigeon’s Blood Red.” It has not been heated and is therefore a truly exceptional stone that’s difficult to find on the market today – unless you visit Karl Faller’s stand in Hamburg.


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Karl Faller

Booth: M10


Tel: +49(0)6781-5080950

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