Maurice Lacroix

Tradition Meets Avant-garde

Maurice Lacroix presents a new variation of its “Masterpiece Gravity,” which was launched in 2014

Like its predecessors, this exquisitely crafted and technically original statement piece delights aficionados with its decentralized time display and the bold architecture of its dial, which puts the plate (which is decorated with “Vagues du Jura”), the escapement and the balance of automatic manufacture Caliber ML230 into the center of attention. Between the main plate and the displays for the hour and minute, the dark gray indicator for the continually running seconds is positioned at the “4,” where it further emphasizes the dial’s three-dimensional appearance. A glance through the sapphire crystal in the back of the 43-millimeter stainless steel case reveals other traditional embellishments, such as grand colimaçon and classic Geneva waves.

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Maurice Lacroix

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Tel.: +497231 9140

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