Perfectly Linked

With its new collections Forever Chic and Forever Chic Icon, Pesavento presents an exciting reinterpretation of the classic link chain.

This Italian jewelry label, which was founded in Vicenza, ranks among the most sought-after brands for silver jewelry. Whether the style is opulent, purist or filigree, Pesavento has mastered every way to play with the white precious metal. Pesavento’s strong-selling main collections (Polvere di Sogni and DNA) were joined by two gold collections (Basic and Cocktail) in 2019. Now Pesavento’s new Forever Chic and Forever Chic Icon collections offer an exciting and purist reinterpretation of the classic link chain. In Icon, however, the gaze is captured by one dominant element: the pure, iconic shape creates an interesting tension between large and small links in this chain, which convinces connoisseurs with its decorative volume. 

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Tel. +39 0444 964566 
Fax: +39 0444 962376

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