Radiant every day

Scheffel presents uncomplicated companions to wear every day and on special evenings

Scheffel’s Stretch & Match collection winningly combines style, recognizability and optimal functionality. The new styles that Scheffel has brought THE SHOW fit perfectly thanks to the flexibility of the jewelry. The Stretch & Match Coronet collection is the modern version with its concealed, precisely interlocking mechanism. It boasts clean lines and is also available in a bicolor version and in a partially beveled variant.

The Griff line is the classic in the Stretch & Match collection. The variations here include different alloys, gems in various colors and sizes, as well as single-strand or multi-strand examples. The Solitaire line in the Stretch & Match collection adapts to its wearer’s finger thanks to the spring technology inside the rings and reveals its highlight in the name: the solitaire. These are perfect memoire or engagement rings: each is unique statement that’s destined to become a lifelong companion. There are also matching bracelets studded with a symphony of large and small diamonds.

The Rainbow line is a dream come true for people who love colored gems. Like all Stretch & Match lines, it offers the advantage of not having to fumble with a buckle and there’s no clasp to open. As their name suggests, the Rainbow rings and bracelets shine in every color of the rainbow. The majority of these gems are naturally colored sapphires, but a few tsavorites are interspersed to add a vivid green color. All precious stones are specially cut and grouped for each piece. This attention to detail explains the extraordinary harmony radiated by these pieces of jewelry.

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