Schreiner Fine Jewelry

Haute Joaillerie

Schreiner Fine Jewellery has brought real works of art to Hamburg

Spectacular works of art that masterfully combine brilliance, color and form predominate in the unique collection of Schreiner Fine Jewellery from Grünwald near Munich. This company’s owner Gerhard Schreiner is particularly enamored with fancy rare and precious gemstones: these are a sparkling and exciting constant in his extraordinary creations, which are aptly described by the phrase “haute joaillerie.” A perfect example is a pair of unique earrings made of 750 yellow gold, each with a natural yellow fancy diamond weighing 18.04 or 18.02 carats and framed by a total of 238 equally radiant yellow fancy diamonds or these rings with natural yellow fancy diamonds.

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Schreiner Fine Jewelry

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