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The Symbiosis of Art and Jewelry

At THE SHOW, Galerie heissingsart presents works of art in which classical painting meets contemporary modernism. We talked to Thomas Berg and Heinrich Heissing about their artists and these artists’ works.

You are participating in THE SHOW for the first time. Where does your motivation and enthusiasm for THE SHOW come from?

We usually participate in classical art fairs. But we also wanted to try out new formats, especially here at THE SHOW, where new synergies can happen. Art and jewelry share much in common: both are very decorative and both are created to bring pleasure to people.

You brought unique sculptures to THE SHOW. How were they created?

Fabian Vogler sculpted these artworks. To make his sculptures, he first inflates a balloon, which he uses as basis for a plaster mold. Then he pours molten bronze into the mold and allows it to harden. Vogler is known for his sensual formal language. He also studied psychology, so he pursues a very conceptual approach.

What are you presenting in the genre of painting?

Tibor Pogonyi, a Hungarian artist who studied in Munich, is a typical Renaissance painter. He portrays people who are naked above the waist. He perfectly emphasizes their muscles, which gives these paintings a very physical expression. In stark contrast to Pogonyi, we are also showing paintings by Juliane Hundertmark. We consciously chose this contrast in the arrangement: Pogonyi stands for old masterly qualities, while Hundertmark, on the other hand, creates highly emotional images that hold up a mirror to society. There is irony in her paintings, but at the same time there is also a highly decorative colorfulness.

What makes these paintings so special?

Each painting is authentic and puts its artist’s thoughts in the focal point. Another unique feature of Hundertmark’s oeuvre is that some elements are always left unpainted: they are like shadows that observe the events happening within the picture.

How do these paintings come into being?

Tibor Pogonyi regularly travels to Italy for his studies. Juliane Hundertmark works with oil on canvas and mixed media. This means that although she paints a picture, she also perfectly incorporates collage-like elements into the painting. For example, you have to get very close to the canvas to see that she has integrated pictures cut out of newspapers.

What phase are these artists in on the art market right now?

Both artists are in the best phase. Each has already found their style. And the market is currently in a position where the value of the works is constantly increasing. This is happening because of collectors, especially in the case of Juliane Hundertmark, because her works are a very charming introduction to collecting. Collectors from America in particular are interested in her work. At present, it is the collectors – not the museums – that determine the price and thus also the value of an artwork.

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Galerie heissingart



Galerie Heissingsart
Mengstrasse 52, D-23552 Lübeck
Auguststrasse 22, D-10117 Berlin

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