Exceptional stones and jewelry dreams

Whether it's a bestseller or a premiere: Here you can see the highlights with which the exhibitors at THE SHOW shine.

Groh + Ripp

This family-owned company from Idar-Oberstein is known around the world for its wide selection of excellent colored gemstones. With their passion and expertise, the Ripp family is acknowledged as a reliable partner of the finest jewelers and creative goldsmiths. In addition to technical expertise, a high degree of imagination and creativity are required to reveal the secrets of raw gemstones and to bring out all their inherent beauty. The Groh + Ripp team accordingly offers customers in-depth advice when planning jewelry projects. One of the focal points at THE SHOW is simultaneously also one of managing director Nicole Ripp’s favorite gems: tanzanite.


Karl Faller

Their beauty has perennially fascinated people. Today too, they’re particularly popular with buyers because they’re not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also very rare and accordingly of lasting value. We are talking about rubies, sapphires and emeralds, which are also known as “the gemstones of kings” because they rank among the most valuable types of gemstone after diamonds, which are even surpassed in value by the most exceptional “kings’ gems.” The Karl Faller company from Kirschweiler is a specialist for the royal class of colorful natural wonders. One example is this ruby in the coveted color “Pigeon’s Blood Red.” It has not been heated and is therefore a truly exceptional stone that’s difficult to find on the market today – unless you visit Karl Faller’s stand in Hamburg.


HC Arnoldi

Aquamarine, tourmaline, garnet and beryl in all their varieties are the main focus of the product range of this lapidary company from Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein. HC Arnoldi will present these beauties at THE SHOW in Hamburg. Expertise that has grown steadily over 100 years, close and long-standing relationships with gemstone producers worldwide and the fresh breeze of a young generation characterize this company. One example of its expertise is this tourmaline, which would be perfect for a bold jewelry creation with statement character.


Emil Weis Opals

Ever since 1905, this family-owned manufactory from Kirschweiler near Idar-Oberstein has been the first port of call when it comes to opals – for loose stones, necklaces as well as exquisite jewelry. The company presents lovingly designed precious stones under the title “The Colours of Life.” Set in silver, white gold, yellow gold or platinum, each opal shines in its unique beauty, color and quality. These creative pieces transport their viewer to an exotic world and are ideal for adding fresh color to display windows in jewelry stores. Among other items featured at THE SHOW is this ring with boulder opal and diamonds set in 750 white gold.


Tamara Comolli

This brand of designer jewelry from Lake Tegern has redefined the rules of wearing precious genuine jewelry. These versatile and playful yet feminine designs let every woman express herself naturally and wear the highest-quality jewelry for any occasion. With the unique “Barefoot Luxury” philosophy, jewelry lovers not only acquire exceptional pieces of the best quality, but also a lifestyle characterized by freedom, lightness and joy. These qualities are aptly demonstrated by the patented “Gypsy” bangles, which can be individually combined.



Childlike lightheartedness, surreal worlds, dreams and longings are the most important components of Capolavoro’s precious “Billion Dreams” jewelry line. At first glance, one discovers an enchanting reinterpretation of the snow globe. At second and every subsequent glance, one finds a new dimension in the goldsmith’s art, an outstanding tribute to craftsmanship and a sensual invitation to play with effects – in short, a true masterpiece, which is also the English translation of the Italian word capolavoro. Visitors at THE SHOW can immerse themselves in this microcosm, e.g. in the “Pure Joy” Dream Globe in 750 gold with diamonds, some in Canary Yellow and others in Ocean Blue.



This family business from Lippstadt is one of the leading suppliers of cultured pearls, pearl jewelry and clasps in Europe. Direct relationships with the countries of origin guarantee a broad spectrum in all price ranges. One example of this company’s exceptional jewelry is the diamond and pearl pendant from the “Luxury” collection in 750 white gold with a freshwater cultured “Ming” pearl, diamonds, amethysts and a pink sapphire. The vibrantly colored pearl is held here by octopus arms set with gemstones – each piece is unique thanks to the natural color nuances of the pearl. This piece and many others are waiting to be admired at THE SHOW in Hamburg.


Ch. Dahlinger

This traditional company can proudly look back on 150 years of history. The former case manufacturer is now an international full-service provider for the luxury and lifestyle industry. In Lahr, a team of designers, product managers, international sales staff and marketing experts annually develop innovative product collections. One specialty is individual solutions for brands and jewelers. The company’s own in-house design studio and its creative team of graphic designers and product designers support customers from the initial idea to the final implementation of customized solutions. An elegant appearance is guaranteed, as the example of Meistersinger shows.


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