Germany’s best, Part 1

THE SHOW is international, but the best German jewellery manufacturers are there too, of course. And this is what they say.

We were the first to say: ‘We're back!’ I was totally happy with the first edition. We gained new customers. And I think the second edition will be even better.

Tamara Comolli

The concentration of selected brands, jewellers and their handpicked customers makes THE SHOW innovative and relevant. From the affinity of brands, jewellers and consumers, THE SHOW creates a highly successful focal point of exclusivity

Jörg Gellner, Gellner

The timing of THE SHOW is perfect. Get ready for the boom! THE SHOW can herald the new Golden Twenties in the jewellery industry.

Sandro Erl, Niessing

Let’s Rock THE SHOW!

Nicole Ripp, Groh und Ripp

We bring a decisive share of glamour to Hamburg. This is the first public presentation of our collection in Germany after 20 years.

Gerhard Schreiner

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