Italian Style

Italy is now located on the River Elbe. The best Italian jewelry brands are showcasing their highlights at THE SHOW in Hamburg. What awaits you is superb goldsmith’s techniques, supreme craftsmanship and naturally dégagé feminine design. But why not see for yourself.

Marco Bicego

Radiating a fresh, exquisite aura, “New Paradise” is the latest extension to one of the Vincenza-based jewelry designer’s great accomplishments. The Y-Necklace’s blaze of vibrant color is the quintessence of the collection. Heart-cut sky topazes gleam next to gemstones in many other colors and small hand engraved gold nuggets.

Serafino Consoli

The Lombard designer is showcasing his exceptional gold and diamond rings, which can be transformed into elegant bracelets in next to no time, at THE SHOW. These creations, which are part of “The Serafino Collection”, are based on an original patent and on the skill of handling the hundreds of components and thousands of solder joints that are sometimes required to make a single piece of jewelry.


The light, elegant pieces of jewelry from the “Chips” collection are designed to appeal to even the most discerning of customers. The undulations and curls on these creations, which are quite literally modeled on the irregular shapes of potato chips, demonstrate Maison Mattioli’s superb skills in using diamond-set gold filament to create jewelry.


Refreshing, modern, exquisite: with “Azure”, the latest creations in her successful “Dancing in the Rain” collection, Laura Bicego is putting both blue topaz and the exceptional beauty of a certain type of aquamarine in the spotlight. The milky aquamarine that she has chosen is characterized by its delicate color and visible veins – what the creative lady fronting Nanis regards as making a gemstone unique. Her enthusiasm has given rise to a fluently soft collection. Pieces of jewelry that capture the depth and beauty of the sky and sea and which feature aquamarine pearls next to finely hand-engraved gold boules.

Piero Milano

Vitality and harmony characterize the design vocabulary of this spiral ring by Piero Milano. This model, made of pink gold with diamonds and malachite cabochons, highlights the exquisite craft skills of the Valenza-based jewelry creator, who will be exhibiting his creations at THE SHOW in Hamburg.


Many jewelers turn to Alberti, because of his substantial private label production skills and because of the choice of tailor-made services and made-to-order gold, diamond and gemstone creations he offers. Pictured are rings made of 18 carat gold with amethyst, garnet, London blue topaz, citrine, sky blue topaz, cairngorm and morganite.

Manuel Vaccari - Ofir

A biblical name, a collection full of passion: Manuel Vaccari’s opulent jewelry creations are a tribute to Ophir, the legendary land of gold. The Valenza-based maker creates its collections and unique specimens to the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship. The coin collections of this maison, now managed by the second generation of the Vaccari family, seem like treasures from a bygone age. Owner Manuel Vaccari offers both sensational gemstone collections and custom-designed collections for jewelers.

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