Niessing presents new watches

Almost 30 years after the debut of the original Radius 9, Niessing presents new models at THE SHOW

Günter Wermekes designed Niessing’s “Radius 9,” which has been a veritable icon ever since its debut almost 30 years ago. Just in time for THE SHOW in Hamburg, Niessing has given new shapes and colors to this classic wristwatch. Equally appropriate for men’s and women’s wrists, these purist watches give a sensual and contemporary form to the time of our lives.

The Vreden-based manufactory is presenting three new models at THE SHOW:

  • The Niessing Radius 9 Classic appears with its classic, rectangular shape. This iconic design has a clear and serene appearance because the plates of precious metal are bent into an arc with a radius of nine centimeters. This model is also available in a slightly smaller size (Niessing Radius 9 Classic S) with a double-wound bracelet.

  • With its gentle tonneau shape, the Niessing Radius 9 Forma is the most elegant member of the new trio. The plates of precious metal that form the case are made of either gold or platinum. They too are curved so that the circular arc of the case forms a nine-centimeter radius, thus perfectly conforming to the contours of the wearer’s wrist.

  • Niessing’s third innovation is the Niessing Radius 9 Kontura. This model is fully rounded and offers a completely different look than the first two watches in the trio.

The new models are available all of Niessing’s characteristic colors. In addition to Niessing Platinum, there are the eight unique Niessing Gold Colors, which include hues such as Spring Green and Rosewood. In addition to the case, the bracelets also offer plenty of choice: 28 different colors from taupe to gray and from pink to azure are available. Each watch is individually made after the order is received, so every wearer can put mix and match his or her very own creation.

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