“The quality makes the difference”

After more than twenty years, Giuseppe Picchiotti is exhibiting in Germany again: at THE SHOW.

Mr. Picchiotti, your German is excellent! How did you learn to speak the language so well?

Germany was my springboard in the 1960s. I only spoke English iIn the beginning, but by I began speaking German as the years went, and I think that helped me a lot. German jewelers were my best customers for many years and I had an office in Pforzheim for a long time. Now we are using THE SHOW to introduce ourselves again here in Germany.

Did you bring any jewelry that was specially designed for this occasion?

I brought the heart of our collection, the beautiful colored gemstones that have been our forte for 54 years. Of course, I also took into account the taste of the German audience when selecting the pieces.

What do you expect from THE SHOW?

Even though we have not been to Germany for at least twenty years and the haute joaillerie market here is not one of the easiest, I feel totally confident. The quality of our jewelry and gemstones makes all the difference.

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